Body Treatments

Our Body Treatment Services can be added to our other services to enhance your visit.

Bio-Elements Mud Therapy Body Mask

Detox and stimulate your skin’s metabolism with mud and aromatherapy. Enjoy the surrounding warmth and jump-start the purification process. Emerge from this invigorating treatment refreshed and re-energized. Especially effective if you have been overindulging and need to detox.$110 Approx 60-90 minutes.

Citrus Body Scrub

With growing age, there occurs a continuing decrease in the pace at which dead cells shed from the top layer of your skin. This further leads to appearance of dry aged skin. One of the most effective and fastest ways to obtain healthy and glowing skin is exfoliation that involves removing dead cells lying on the surface. The rough touch of sugar is efficient in peeling off the dead and dry skin thus bringing out the soft skin which is healthy as well. Some sugar scrubs also contain moisturizing ingredients which are helpful in retaining the moisture of your skin thus keeping it hydrated and soft. Moreover, sugar scrubs are also helpful in unclogging the pores thus increasing cell turnover.  $80 Approx 60 minutes.

Botanical Mud Leg Treatment with Hot Stones

Same relaxing exfoliation, foot soak, botanical mud and massage as above, but topped-off with hot stones for even more relaxation! Leave with your legs feeling rejuvenated, hydrated, and detoxed with this very relaxing Treatment. $60 Approx 60 minutes. Add the Hot Stones for $70 total. 

Bio-Elements Citrus Fruit Oil Wrap

Embark on a sensory journey that incorporates a healing touch with citrus smells to promote deep relaxation and silky soft skin. This treatment starts with an invigorating exfoliation followed by a warm citrus fruit oil to help you drift into deep relaxation.$110 Approx 60-75 minutes.

Lemongrass Sugar Scrub

$80 Approx 60 minutes.